Experimental Research

Considering our past and the attitude that since the beginning has lead this company, the experimental resarch is a fundamental target for us.

We maintain strong collaborations with companies interested in innovative solutions and techniques, we collaborate with universities and research centers all over the world; our staff is composed by a high percentage of PhDs; the company is directly involved in European (Horizon-2020) and international research projects.

We are strongly fascinated by scientific research, both fundamental and applied, and our aim is to be more and more involved in order to offer experimental support to universities, institutions and companies.

We provide support servicies to universities, research centres and private companies making available our know-how and our facilities for advanced geotechnical testing. We work together with engineering companies developing and verifying innovative methodologies.

An extensive network developed with academic partners during the time brought to participation to national and international research programs, participation to international conferences and production of scientific papers.

ISMGEO is currently involved in the Horizon-2020 Liquefact project, the largest european research project focused on seismic liquefaction of soils and innovative countermeasures.

Our main partners

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