About us

The Experimental Institute for Geotechncial Modelling (ISMGEO s.r.l. - Istituto Sperimentale Modelli Geotecnici) is a private company leader in the geotechnical characterisation of soils and rocks for earthworks, civil engineering works and experimental geomechanics.

The company offers in-situ and laboratory standard and advanced geotechnical testing, as well as physical modelling performed at 1g and under macrogravity field. All the activities aim giving a support during the design and construction phases of civil engineering works and for the mitigation of natural risks including landslides, floodings, earthquakes. ISMGEO is an independent research institute active in the fields of advanced geotechnical laboratory testing and physical modelling in geotechnics.

The company is created in 2000 after the dissolution of ISMES (Istituto Sperimentale Modelli e Strutture - Experimental Institute for Models and Structures), by a group of researchers and tehcnicians of the Geotechnical Division. ISMGEO took over the technical and research staff and the 3000 square meters structure with all the geotechnical laboratories, the in-situ testing material and the physical modelling facilities, preserving, by this way, the know-how and the high quality tipical of the ISMES tradition.

After about 20 years ISMGEO is now a benchmark in geotechnics and a soild partner for engineering and construction companies that work all over the world.

ISMGEO business goals:

  • providing high quality geotechnical data to support civil engineering works design
  • linking proactively research and practice in geotechnics

The company maintain relations with Italian and International Universities and Research Centres, hosting researchers, PhD and MSc students and giving acess to facilities and know-how. Furthermore ISMGEO acts as a consulting firm for private Civil Engineering companies that develop new technologies and large construction projects.

ISMGEO adresses to private engineering companies, public authorities, universities and research centres, offering a wide range of servicies in the field of experimental geotechnics.