Dynamic Geotechnical Centrifuge

The geotechnical centrifuge is a special facility capable of replicating on reduced scale models the same stress field existing in-situ increasing the gravity field by rotation.
This condition is fundamental in geotechnics because the mechanical behaviour of soils is strongly dependent on the stress-field.

The geotechnical centrifuge of ISMGEO is the first and the only existing in Italy. The machine is active since 1988, in 2010 it has been upgraded with an earthquake simulator, making it one among the four dynamic centrifuges existing in Europe.

During a test the model is first led to the correct state of stress, then external loads (vertical and horizontal) are applied on soil and structures possibly up to the failure. By the earthquake simulator it is also possible to reproduce earthquakes in order to verify the seismic behaviour of the soil-structure system.

Some applications under static conditions:

Some applications under dynamic conditions:

Physical modelling aims giving a solution to specific problems. Some of the most important past projects: