Physical modelling in Geotechnics

Physical modelling in Geotechnics is a core activity for ISMGEO. This technique allows to reproduce natural or artificial phenomena and to apply external loads directly on the model of an existing or future work.

Physical modelling is often used in aerodynamics, naval hydrodynamics and architecture, and offers interesting applications in geotechnics being very useful in studying the complex soil-structure interaction under static and seismic conditions without a priori assumptions.

Some typical applications:

Main advantages:

Physical modelling is a complementary technique to numerical modelling, experimental data can be used to calibrate parameters and constitutive models and to verify the hypotheses about studied phenomena.

ISMGEO promotes geotechnical physical modelling activity in Italy by the interaction with civil engineering companies and universities. ISMGEO is the Italian reference laboratory in this field, the company disposes of some special facilities: